NASA's Asteroid Capture mission 1

These new images and video from NASA, explain how their planned asteroid capture mission concept will work. The target of this program is to capture and redirect a near-Earth asteroid to a stable point near the Moon.    Watch the video…

Top: the concept animation featuring notional crew operations during NASA’s proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission.

Images © NASA/Advanced Concepts Lab

By leveraging capabilities across all of NASA, the agency is developing a first-ever mission to identify, rendezvous with, capture and redirect a small asteroid into a stable orbit in the lunar vicinity, and then send humans to visit it using the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft. This mission represents an unprecedented technological feat and allows NASA to affordably pursue the Administration’s goal of visiting an asteroid by 2025. It raises the bar for human exploration and discovery while taking advantage of the diverse talents at NASA. This image represents a notional spacecraft with its asteroid capture mechanism deployed.

The trip from Earth to the captured asteroid will take Orion and its two-person crew an estimated nine days.

NASA's Asteroid Capture mission 2

In this conceptual image, the two-person crew uses a translation boom to travel from the Orion spacecraft to the captured asteroid during a spacewalk.

source NASA