Warp Drive Ship

NASA unveils designs for a Star Trek-style Warp Drive Ship, called IXS Enterprise (of course), similar to the Star Trek spaceship, that could send us one day to the stars.

The Warp Drive spacecraft that could make interstellar travel a reality, theoretically allow distant travel by bending space-time.

Warp Drive Ship (4)

Dr White a NASA scientist in Houston, said IXS Enterprise could reach Alpha Centauri in two weeks!

According to Gizmodo, “the process of going to warp is also one that is smooth, rather than using a massive amount of acceleration in a short amount of time.”

Warp Drive Ship (3)

Dr White said:

“When you turn the field on, everybody doesn’t go slamming against the bulkhead, which would be a very short and sad trip.”

According to Dr White the research is for the moment in a small-scale and is ‘light years away’ from any engine that could be constructed into a spaceship like the USS Enterprise.

Warp travel is in focus on 2014 movie Interstellar by Christopher Nolan.

Warp Drive Ship (2)

Warp Drive Ship (1)

You can see more images of the ship from Rademaker in his Flickr page.