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NASA last week presented an “impossible” fuel-less Space Drive, a microwave thruster that may actually work.

Wired UK explains the work of an American scientist, Guido Fetta, who claims to have built a propellant-less thruster, based on the EmDrive.

Emdrive concept

Inventor Roger Sawyer created the ‘Emdrive’ concept. Credit EmDrive

The new drive uses microwave technology to convert electrical energy directly into thrust.

Thrust is produced by the amplification of the radiation pressure of an electromagnetic wave propagated through a resonant waveguide assembly. No propellant is used in the conversion process.

NASA said, gave Fetta’s design, that has small differences from EmDrive, their stamp of approval after testing his drive.

Now according to io9 CalTech physicist Sean Carroll, said:

The business about “quantum vacuum virtual plasma” (the physics of which they “won’t address” in this paper) is complete bullshit. There is a quantum vacuum, but it’s nothing like a plasma. [The researchers] hook up a gizmo with all sorts of electromagnetic fields fluctuating around, then claim to measure an extremely tiny thrust (about the weight of a single grain of sand), which occurs even for the test article that wasn’t supposed to produce any thrust at all.

the Warpship

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