Orion's cockpit

NASA’s next generation Orion spacecraft has many innovations. One of the most significant changes is the cockpit with touchscreen interfaces.


Orion will have a sophisticated system, the “eProc” (electronic procedures), that will automatically bring up the relevant display page for the procedure the crew is working on.

Orion spacecraft

The new Orion’s cockpit features:

Situational awareness, control and communications
Spacecraft state, caution/warning, system health, and electronic procedures data
Input interface through control panel switches, display bezel keys, rotational and translational hand controllers, key pad and cursor control devices
Communications with ground control and other constellation elements
Exterior views through hatch, side and forward windows
Backup display modes
Manual backup control of power, ECLSS and communications functions

Orion spacecraft (6)

Orion spacecraft (4)

Orion spacecraft (3)

Orion spacecraft (2)

Orion spacecraft (1)



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source NASA