NASA's Z-1 new Spacesuit

NASA’s Z-1 new Spacesuit to suit a variety of next space missions. It looks like Buzz Lightyear from Pixar’s Toy Story movie.

Images © NASA

One of the key designs of NASA’s Z-1 new Spacesuit, is a large port attached to the back, which astronauts can use to expediently enter and exit the suit. The port can be also used to dock the suit to the side of the space station, or next generation shuttle , bypassing the need for an airlock.
NASA explains about the tests:

“Tests performed included isolated and functional range of motion data capture, Z-1 waist and hip testing, joint torque testing, CO2 washout testing, fit checks and subject familiarizations, an exploration vehicle aft deck and suitport controls interface evaluation, delta pressure suitport tests including pressurized suit don and doff, and gross mobility and suitport ingress and egress demonstrations in reduced gravity. Lessons learned specific to the Z -1 prototype and to suit testing techniques will be presented.”

NASA's Z-1 new Spacesuit

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source NASA