Nautilus-X- NASA’s space exploration vehicle concept

Nautilus-X- NASA’s space exploration vehicle concept

Nautilus-XThe Nautilus-X MMSEV is intended as a reusable in-space vehicle for cis-lunar and deep space missions. It would offer a sizable volume to sustain a crew of six and hold enough supplies to sustain a two year mission.

Nautilus-X 2

Nautilus-X 3

– Long-duration space journey vehicle for crew of 6 for periods of 1 -24 months
– CIS-lunar would be initial Operations Zone [shakedown phase]
– Exo-atmospheric, Space-only vehicle
– Integrated Centrifuge for Crew Health
– Life Support in deployed Large Volume with shirt-sleeve servicing
– Truss & Stringer thrust-load distribution concept
– Capable of utilizing variety of Mission-Specific
– Propulsion Units [integrated in LEO, semi-autonomously]
– Utilizes Inflatable & Deployed structures
– Incorporates Industrial Airlock for construction/maintenance
– Integrated RMS
– Supports Crewed Celestial-body Descent/Return Exploration vehicle(s)
– Utilizes Orion/Commercial vehicles for crew rotation & Earth return from LEO

Nautilus-X 4

Nautilus-X 5

Nautilus-X 6


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  1. teknophilia 2011/02/15 at 03:59 - Reply

    I truly hope we can start making some real progress in space exploration again.

    • wordlessTech 2011/02/15 at 16:01 - Reply

      I also hope that my generation will see all this progress!

      • teknophilia 2011/02/16 at 00:02 - Reply

        True, I do believe that this will happen, but would love to see it within my lifetime.

  2. Spaceflightengineer 2011/03/30 at 05:59 - Reply

    People were so P.O.’d at Obama’s redirection of our manned space aspirations that they forgot he stated we’d attempt a solar system exploration craft and here it is- the first, early conceptualizations. This is in my (rather biased) mind very exciting and has so much potential to truly explore the near-universe of our solar system in a manner that allows eventual expansion and modification of craft and mission. Of course the hard core complaints will come from the Get to Mars yesterday crowd. Sorry, Mars is one destination and will always be there.


    • Gordon 2011/04/14 at 19:32 - Reply


      Your post makes me so happy. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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