Network Tube for maritime accidents

In time of the occurrence of a maritime accident, there are more missing people than the survivors and the dead and searching for the people is difficult. One of the main reasons of the occurrence of missing is that the people are scattered by the tide.

On account of this problem, hypothermia, fear and being less conspicuous by a rescue party, their survival rate drops suddenly.

Network Tube for maritime accident

According to the concept, each tube combines using GPS technology and the principle of a magnet. Tubes are designed to gather victims together and attract each other with built in GPS robot module and magnets. When the tubes gather together, it will increase the survival time of victims and raise the survival rate.

“NETWORK TUBE” can effectively deal with urgent maritime accidents and easily come into view of a rescue party to prevent a nasty accident.

Network Tube for maritime accident

Network Tube for maritime accident

Team members : Seo JoonHyoung, Son Kijo, Seo DongHoon, kim Junpyo, Choi JinYoung, Uhm Hyung Woo