Aeroscraft Pelican new airship

Aeroscraft Pelican prototype new airship could be signal the future of air travel. The hybrid airship is under construction in a purpose-built hangar in California.

Images credit: Aeroscraft

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Aeroscraft Pelican is 230 ft. long and has a volume of 600,000 cu. ft. and will be able to take off and land vertically.

The new airship provides a new way of moving heavy cargo, especially to areas with limited or no infrastructure.

Is the only Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle of its kind, designed for easier handling on the ground.

Aeroscraft next step is an airship with twice the Pelican’s dimensions (450 ft. long and 3.8 million cu. ft.), capable of carrying a 66-ton payload over a 3,000-nm range.


“The key features of the Aeroscraft include a rigid structure, vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, and the ability to operate at low speed, in hover, from unprepared surfaces. The Aeroscraft offers new capabilities for the war-fighter, providing the ability to transport personnel and equipment “from fort to fight.” It also supports cargo transportation to remote and ecologically sensitive areas for numerous industries around the world, such as Oil and Gas, Mining and the Wind Energy Industry. The Aeroscraft will revolutionize global logistics and enhance the way we live and do business.”

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