2012 VP113

A new-found celestial body, called 2012 VP113, orbits our sun at greater distance than any other known objectImage © S. S. Sheppard (CIS) & C. Trujillo (Gemini Obs.), NOAO

The icy “dwarf” world beyond Pluto never gets closer than 12bn kilometers, or 80 times the distance from Earth to the sun.

If the size of 2012 VP113 is confirmed, it could qualify as a dwarf planet, like Pluto.

According to some astronomers, after this discovery, a much bigger planet may hide even farther out in the dark reaches of the solar system.

Furthest Known Object in Solar System

The discovery images of 2012 VP113, which has the most distant orbit known in our Solar System. Three images of the night sky, each taken about 2 hours apart, were combined into one. The first image was artificially colored red, second green and third blue. 2012 VP113 moved between each image as seen by the red, green and blue dots. The background stars and galaxies did not move and thus their red, green and blue images combine to show up as white sources.

via APOD