2012 SL roadster

Mercedes-Benz with the new SL roadster (‘sporty, lightweight’) model,  presents three new technologies: a redesigned, lightweight aluminum bodyshell; the ‘concert hall’ -like ‘frontbass’ audio system; and a system of automatically controlled adaptive windshield wipers.

2012 SL roadster (6)

The vehicle features an 89% aluminum bodyshell, which, at 560 pounds (254kg) makes the car over 40% lighter than a comparable standard frame.

2012 SL roadster (5)

Structural components are optimized for specific tasks, many sheet metal parts are designed to enable the use of 100% recycled aluminum in their construction.

2012 SL roadster (4)

Aluminum and steel-based door hinges are friction-based, permitting doors to remain securely open at any angle.

2012 SL roadster (3)

Corrosion protection has been upgraded as well making it perfect for those who live near the coast (your correspondent has lived near the beach and the effects were not pretty on her motor).

2012 SL roadster (2)

High-quality zinc-nickel coatings or special electrochemical insulation measures have been used to prevent contact corrosion with aluminium.

2012 SL roadster (8)

The new SL Roadster will premiere Magic Vision Control adaptive windscreen wipe/wash system which keeps the windscreen clear by delivering water directly to the wiper blade – yet the driver won’t see a water jet or a film of water over the screen.

2012 SL roadster (1)