method to feel holograms

Scientists at University of Bristol create system that allows you to feel holograms using ultrasound.

The rendering volumetric haptic shapes in mid-air using ultrasound system developed at University of Bristol uses ultrasound focused onto hands above the device and that can be felt.

The air disturbances can be felt as floating 3D shapes. By adding this to 3D displays they create something that can be seen and felt.

The system can be apply to explore a CT scan or to feel a disease.

We present a method for creating three-dimensional haptic shapes in mid-air using focused ultrasound. This approach applies the principles of acoustic radiation force, whereby the non-linear effects of sound produce forces on the skin which are strong enough to generate tactile sensations.

This mid-air haptic feedback eliminates the need for any attachment of actuators or contact with physical devices. The user perceives a discernible haptic shape when the corresponding acoustic interference pattern is generated above a precisely controlled two-dimensional phased array of ultrasound transducers.

source University of Bristol