Libya - Sabratah’s ancient Roman theater

For decades, Libyans lived under a dictator who twisted their past. Now they must imagine their future.

Libyans enjoy a visit to Sabratah’s ancient Roman theater, one of Africa’s largest.    Image © George Steinmetz/National Geographic.

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Libya - best preserved ancient Roman cities, Leptis MagnaImage © George Steinmetz/National Geographic.

Among the world’s largest, best preserved ancient Roman cities, Leptis Magna flourished under Emperor Septimius Severus, who was born here. A vast theater, forum (at top right), and market became part of an urban center to rival Rome. Muammar Qaddafi saw sites like this as symbols of Western imperialism.
Libya - Ghadames, a pre-Roman oasis town Image © George Steinmetz/National Geographic.

Tight clusters of traditional mud-brick-and-palm houses have stood for centuries in Ghadames, a pre-Roman oasis town in the Sahara. Rooftop walkways allowed women to move freely, concealed from men’s view.
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Images are from the February issue of National Geographic magazine.

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