Technology for Painless Injections

Can you imagine no tears during infant vaccines and no fear of the needle for those old enough to know what’s coming? New technology for Painless injections uses vibrations and pressure which could be key to making a shot that doesn’t hurt.

According to some estimates, as many as 1 in every 10 people experience needle phobia, and experts fear that it may have negative consequences. The fear of pain may deter people from getting important injections at the doctor’s office plus decreasing the rate of blood donations.

The lead author of the study William MacKay in a press release  said “Our early research suggests that using a device that applies pressure and vibration before the needle stick could help significantly decrease painful sensations by closing the ‘gate’ that sends pain signals to the brain”

The pain signals originating from the broken skin must pass through “nerve gates” in the spinal cord on its way to the brain. But these gates can be blocked with pressure or vibrations.

via Popular Science

source ASA