Atacama Alien mystery

The six-inch-long alien like tiny skeleton found in Atacama Desert, in Chile, some days ago, it was thought to be a child aged between 6 and 8 years old and not a foetus. Now according to Paolo Viscardo, a natural history curator at the Horiman Museum in London, there’s no possibility this skeleton could have come from a 6 to 8 years old child.

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Viscardo wrote at his blog, Zygoma:

“This seems quite remarkable to me, since I’ve dealt with skeletal foetus specimens rather similar to this in museum collections.

The main differences I can discern by looking at the high quality photos, X-rays and CT scan…are that the Atacama specimen is from a slightly earlier stage foetus…it has mummified soft tissue that has shrunk tight…pulling the ribcage into a more narrow configuration; and the head has been distorted, probably as a result of an illegal back-street abortion where a hook has been used to extract the foetus…causing damage to the back of the skull and stretching the pliable head.”

Atacama Alien mystery

The following image is from a skeleton of foetus with estimated age of 18-20 weeks:

Skeleton of foetus

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