Titanosaur Malarguesaurus

Titanosaur Yongjinglong datangi, once lived during the Early Cretaceous period 100 million years ago, in China, was one of the largest land animals ever.

Image above: Life restoration of the titanosaur Malarguesaurus. Credit Bernardo González Riga

The titanosaur discovered, is a not yet fully grown juvenile measuring 60 feet in length,

“The new specimen shares several features with other sauropods: a pronounced M. triceps longus tubercle on the scapula and ventrolaterally elongated parapophyses in its cervical vertebra as in Euhelopodidae. Based on phylogenetic analyses Yongjinglong datangi is highly derived within Titanosauria, which suggests either a remarkable convergence with more basal titanosauriform sauropods in the Early Cretaceous or a retention of plesiomorphic features that were lost in other titanosaurians. The morphology and remarkable length of the scapulocoracoid reveal an unusual relationship between the shoulder and the middle trunk: the scapulocoracoid spans over half of the length of the trunk.”

Newly discovered titanosaur

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source PLOS ONE