AVX next generation superchopper (2)

The AVX next generation ‘superchopper,’ believed to be frontrunner for the FVL (Future of Vertical Lift) Program by the US Armed Forces.   Take a look at the videos…

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The FVL Program seeks to develop replacement vertical lift plane for the aging USA Armed Forces helicopter fleet.

The AVX has dual tilting blades to create lift and fans to propel it forward to reach over 270mph.

AVX next generation superchopper (4)


The company employs a ‘horizontally integrated manufacturing design,’ that keeps the cost of development and eventual production of the helicopter lower than competitors while delivering the highest levels of performance.

The AVX design offers the capabilities the Army wants for the future fleet of utility and attack aircraft at a very attractive price. The AVX JMR aircraft has entry doors on both sides of the fuselage as well as a large rear ramp for easy cargo handling. Additionally it has retractable landing gear and the attack variant (see below) carries all armaments stored inside until needed which provides a “clean” aerodynamic design.

AVX has teamed with a number of experienced aerospace companies for development of the AVX JMR/FVL design. The teaming concept has allowed AVX to keep the cost of development and eventual production of the aircraft lower than those of other offerings while maintaining a high level of performance by the aircraft.

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AVX also developing civilian version of the helicopter.

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