ice-cavern Night Club This night club has a surface of 500 square meters that house a cloak-room, box office, dance parquet, two bars, DJ board and of course a space for visitors.

ice-cavern Night Club 3

It is a new project of the Spanish interior designer Elia Felices. Is called La Cova Night Club built in the city of Mataro near-by Barcelona.

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All rooms are part of one-storey rectangular room that allows to distribute clients in rational and intensive way. The main idea was to create a space reminding an ice-cavern in the middle of a city. Everything has the style of an ice-cavern; decorations, lighting, shapes, colours etc. Two big lamps are hanging from the ceiling as two icicles for example. Other source of light are lamps shaped as stones emerging from the floor. The designer wanted to accentuate the simple design with a very variable lighting. Colour lighting from a number of reflectors is a distinctive element of La Cova. The main entrance is lightened by a half-moon to gain attention of passing-bys. White box-offices are decorated with blue flower wall paintings.The dance parquet is literally bordered by two bars backlit by LED RGB lights that change colour.

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