Stars, Milky Way, String Lake, Grand Teton NP

Those breathtaking night sky photos of the our Milky Way with landscapes in the foreground, are from the beautiful set “NightScapes”. Utah-based photographer Royce Bair use his experience for over 30 years now, to take these enhanced landscapes against a twilight sky.

image above: Stars, Milky Way, String Lake, Grand Teton NP
Starry night sky and Milky Way over String Lake and Tetons, Grand Teton National Park. The second mountain to the right of the Milky Way is the Grand Teton. The trees silhouetted in front of the stars are new lodgepines mixed with charred pines from a forest fire 30 years ago. This photo is part of my Nightscapes set.


Stars in the Milky WayStars in the Milky Way

A starry night sky near McCall, Idaho. This is a very wide angle view of the evening sky — almost 1/2 the night hemisphere in a single exposure. I love astronomy and looking into the heavens to see the galaxies, constellations, and nebula.


Stars in the Milky Way 2Stars in the Milky Way 2

Starry night sky – stars in the Milky Way on a clear, bright night near McCall, Idaho. The magenta glow to the right comes from the lights in that little town, 5 miles away. NOTE: the streak going through the Milky Way, near the top of the photo is a man-made satellite.


BiG starry night skyBiG starry night sky


Delicate Arch and Milky Way starsDelicate Arch and Milky Way stars

My son, Chris, controlled the main light on this night photo of Delicate Arch, and the Milky Way stars at Arches National Park.


Double Arch and Milky Way starsDouble Arch and Milky Way stars


Milky Way stars over Thor's Hammer - Bryce CanyonMilky Way stars over Thor’s Hammer – Bryce Canyon


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Photographer: Royce Bair,   NightScapes