Nod gesture control ring

Nod gesture control ring, letting you control just about any connected device by simply moving your hands in the air.   Watch the video…

Nod works with many of the brands and devices you already love, and our open platform allows developers to add Nod functionality into an even wider range of devices.


Nod seamlessly transforms your movements into commands. It brings the world around you to life, as you control everything from your laptop to your living room lights with a wave of your hand. Just like magic.

Whether you’re leading a presentation, working with a team, or just surfing, Nod gives you complete control over all your display devices, from your computer to your smart TV. Swipe between slides, search for new shows, play with photos, or type notes without setting a finger on your device.

Whether you’re out for a run or across a crowded dance floor, Nod gives you control over your audio. Shuffle, play, and turn up your favorite songs without touching your phone or messing with a remote.

Nod gesture control ring 3

Nod gesture control ring 4

You can find it here Nod gesture control ring($150)

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