Off-road Robot to revolutionize the Exploration of other Planets

This small robot could revolutionize the future of Planetary system exploration. It can move fast in sandy and slippery terrain.   Have a look at the video…    Image © Chen Li, Tingnan Zhang, Daniel Goodman

The Sand Strider little legged robot, using new field experimental techniques called “terradynamics,” can move with unprecedented speed. It is ideal for exploring the surface of Mars.

Professor Daniel Goldman of the School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said:

“We now have the tools to understand the movement of legged vehicles over loose sand in the same way that scientists and engineers have had tools to understand aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.”

Terradynamics of legged locomotion on granular media in natural sand. Video courtesy of Chen Li, Tingnan Zhang, Daniel Goldman

via Popsci