OMRF Roof Top Wind Farm

Beautiful Venger Wind Farm installed on Roof of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, in collaboration with its US distributor SWG Energy.

Images credit: Venger Wind

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Venger Wind, announced that in collaboration with its US distributor SWG Energy, they have completed the installation of 18, V2 vertical axis wind turbines on the roof of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF).

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According to Venger Wind:

“The rooftop wind farm is part of OMRF’s sustainability strategy to produce zero emissions energy for the new research tower. Integrated into the design of the building, the omni-directional wind turbines are well matched to the site conditions and collect wind from both the North and South sides of the building. The project is the largest building integrated wind energy system in the U.S. The V2 wind turbines are 18.5 ft tall, rated at 4.5 kilowatts each and are designed to start producing electricity at 8.9 mph, well below Oklahoma City’s annual wind speed average. Venger Wind’s V2 turbines are based on the work of Finnish engineer Sigurd Johannes Savonius who first invented the Savonius wind turbine in 1922. Venger Wind’s advanced V2 Savonius design is a significant evolutionary step forward from its predecessor.”

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