Opel Icona

The Opel Icona Concept is a design study of a futuristic amphibian electric vehicle with a sporty design and retracteable wheels. It can transport an adult and a child.

Opel Icona

The Opel Icona project was developed in collaboration with Opel by Juan Pablo Bernal at the Umea Institute of Design, Sweden.

The Concept is an amphibian commuter for the year 2050. When travelling on the water, the rear wheels are retracted into the body and a central sail/wing is raised. The project took into consideration environmental, social and demographical aspects.

The Icona has an electric powertrain and can transport an adult and a child. This helps in strengthening a family bond and allows kids to learn the importance of the respect for the environment while enjoying an open-air experience.

Opel Icona

Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept features two modes of operation Viz. Land mode and Water Mode to run on ground and water respectively.

When the vehicle runs on the ground the sail remains wrapped in the storage area; however, as soon as the occupant puts the vehicle on the water mode the sail retracts and the wheel arms rotate inboard to reduce drag, thus enabling this vehicle to cruise on water with the same speed and elegance.

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