Opera HouseThe Izmir Opera House Project designed by Emrah Cetinkaya, is reflecting the history, the culture and the modern life in Izmir, furthermore it should be an identity for the city of Izmir.

Opera HouseAnd competition area also allows us to create an identification or a symbol for a city that because the area can be seen clearly from near surroundings and specially from sea side areas. This situation came to the forefront. So we considered important in it.

Izmir opera house has been designed for being a symbol for izmir. In this way, we thought that Izmir will be a center of attraction and also first recognizable preparation place for all domestic and foreign tourists.

Opera HouseOpera house’s functional areas has been designed according to conditions and environmental analysis like perceptual data’s, vista areas, vehicular and pedestrian areas, functional connections and meteorological factors. In this context, we have started to design an urban art dome that we call Artistic Foyer.

Opera HouseOpera House