Ordos Museum

The Ordos Museum by Beijing-based MAD architects, recently completed and opened in Ordos, China. The building appears to have landed from another world into the Gobi desert.   Image © Iwan Baan

Ordos Museum

The master plan is mindful of the existing cultural traditions of the area while addressing the progress and future of the city.

The Ordos Museum, shaped like a large undulating blob, is clad in polished metal tiles that are resistant to frequently occurring sandstorms.

Ordos Museum

Ordos Museum (6)

Ordos Museum (3)

Ordos Museum (2)

Ordos Museum (1)

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MAD architects

project info:

location: ordos, china
typology: museum
site area: 27,760 sqm
building area: 41, 227 sqm
building height: 40 m

directors: ma yansong, yosuke hayano, dang qun
design team: shang li, andrew c. bryant, howard jiho kim, matthias helmreich, linda stannieder, zheng tao,
qin lichao, sun jieming, yin zhao, du zhijian, yuan zhongwei, yuan ta, xie xinyu, liu weiwei, felipe escudero,
sophia tang, diego perez, art terry, jtravis b russett, dustin harris

associate engineers: china institute of building standard design & research
mechanical engineer: the institute of shanxi architectural design and research
façade/cladding consultants: sup ingenieure gmbh, melendez & dickinson architects
construction contractor: huhehaote construction co., ltd
façade contractor: zhuhai king glass engineering co.ltd