Painting favela in Rio de Janeiro (5)

Artists Haas & Hahn started painting the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, since 2005, providing inspiration for several public artworks. Now the team launched a Kickstarter project to generate funds to paint homes while offering jobs to the locals.

“With your help, we will paint an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro!

When we first visited the favelas in 2005, the way they are built and how they function socially struck us as very beautiful. At the same time they were generally perceived as grim, dangerous and dysfunctional.
Our project aims to provide an opportunity for people to transform their own neighborhood from a place seen as negative into a place that is able to communicate its creativity, beauty and innovation to the outside world through art.”

Painting favela in Rio de Janeiro (4)


“Visual beautification, job creation and positive attention boost pride and self esteem and help bridge social gaps in a creative and artful manner. The projects create a voice for the inhabitants, influence public opinion and media, and can help to change perception and remove stigma.”

Painting favela in Rio de Janeiro (3)

Painting favela in Rio de Janeiro (2)

Painting favela in Rio de Janeiro (1)


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