Pakistan earthquake creates new island (2)

Earthquake in Pakistan creates an island off Gwadar coastline, in Pakistan. The earth moved with great force, during the 7.7 magnitude quake on Tuesday afternoon, to create this small island.   Image screen capture from video.    Watch the video…

The earthquake left thousand homeless after their houses collapsed, as the death toll rose overnight to 210, in the remote district of Awaran Gwadar, in southwestern Pakistan.

The 7.7 quake was felt as far away as New Delhi, the Indian capital, about 740 miles away.

Pakistan earthquake creates new island 3

Mud island off the coast of Gwadar imaged by NASA’s EO-1 satellite on Sept. 26, 2013

Pakistan earthquake creates new island 4
Aerial photo of the Gwadar mud volcano (National Institute of Oceanography, Pakistan)

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