Panic Button

Panic Button app to protect you from attack, kidnap and torture, by Amnesty International.

The new Panic Button app give human rights defenders urgent help from their own networks when facing attack, kidnapping, or torture. Is now available for public download on Google Playstore, announced Amnesty International.

Panic Button app

Tanya O’Carroll, Technology and Human Rights Officer, said:

“The aim of the Panic Button is to increase protection for activists around the world who face the ever present threat of arrest, attack, kidnap and torture.

We have long known that the first hours after somebody’s arrest are the crucial window of opportunity for a network to make a difference to their colleague’s release—whether it be flooding the police station with calls, arranging a protest, or mobilizing lawyers and organizations like Amnesty International for a campaign of international pressure.

By introducing technology to the fight for human rights, this app updates the power of writing a letter for the 21st century.”

source amnesty