The PanicMe app can send Alerts to your contacts  1

The PanicMe personal safety app allows smartphone users to tell friends and family when they are in danger. It turns your smartphone into a panic button.

The PanicMe app can send red, amber or green alerts to let up to 30 contacts, if you are ever in trouble. Location is pinpointed by GPRS and potential responders can see how close they are.

PanicMe operates a ‘traffic light system,’ with ‘green,’ ‘amber’ and ‘red’ alert options to provide clarity for panic response team members. The basic version of PanicMe is free to download, and allows users to send green alerts, which would indicate a low-risk situation, such as a car breaking down.

Your PanicMe has a one push button to dial emergency services making it fewer key strokes than using the touchpad. PanicMe is NOT to be used as a substitute for emergency services, but it does provide additional support for all the work they do.

The PanicMe app can send Alerts to your contacts  2

Add up to 30 contacts to each of your own panic response networks, who will all be contacted if you trigger a panic alert.
A ‘traffic light’ system offers three ‘panic’ options.
GPRS tracking shows your location to panic response network members, who will also see their own locations, making it easy to identify the closest potential responders.
Data capture activates with alerts including your location and possibly any Bluetooth connections in the vicinity of the phone.
When a panic alert is triggered, the contact of the panic response network is done via a remote system, for added safety.
Subscribers to our full package also get TrackMe free, which allows your family and friends to track your journey as a dotted line on a map. Free users are able buy this separately.

For more details visit PanicMe website.