Partially Eclipse of the Sun

Something unusual about this setting Sun. There are birds flying to the Sun’s left. More unusual is the occulted piece at the top right. And that’s no occulting cloud that’s the Moon.   Image © Andrew Wall

On April 29 the Moon moved in front of part of the Sun as visible from Australia, and although many locations reported annoying clouds, a partially eclipsed Sun would occasionally peek through as it set. The above image was captured yesterday on the western horizon of Adelaide, South Australia. The maximum eclipse was visible only from a small part of Antarctica where the entire Moon could be seen covering the entire center of the Sun in what is known as an annular eclipse, leaving only a ring of fire from the Sun peeking out around the edges. The next solar eclipse will be another partial eclipse, will occur on 2014 October 23, and will be visible from most of North America near sunset.

Solar eclipse of October 23, 2014

Solar eclipse of October 23, 2014, credit wiki.

source APOD