Pertamina Energy Tower generates its own power by SOM (1)

Pertamina Energy Tower a new consolidated headquarters created for the Indonesian state-owned energy company, by SOM, will rise more than 500 meters above Jakarta as a new landmark on the capital’s skyline.

Pertamina Energy Tower is the world’s first super-tall tower for which energy is the primary design driver. The rounded top revealing a ‘wind funnel’ that will take advantage of the prevailing winds and increased wind speeds at the upper floors to generate energy. In addition the tower’s curved facade will mitigate solar heat gain throughout the year.

A sustainable development, bringing together 20,000 employees on its innovative, dynamic campus.

Pertamina Energy Tower generates its own power by SOM (3)


Following SOM’s holistic design approach that integrates architectural design, structural engineering, and sustainable engineering services, the development will reduce water demand and target zero discharge while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 26% by the year 2020 and generating 25% energy from renewable resources by the year 2020.

“Located in Jakarta’s Rasuna Epicentrum neighborhood, the iconic campus will serve as a city within a city, blending together living, working and playing while serving as a model of sustainability, efficiency, and collaborative workplace design. A 2,000-seat auditorium for lectures and performances and a public mosque offer vibrant public spaces and communal meeting areas, while a central energy plant will serve as the energy production hub for the campus—a literal and figurative “heart” from which energy and services will be distributed. The “Energy Ribbon”, a covered walkway that provides sun and rain protection and generates energy through photovoltaics along its roof surface, links the campus, spanning across land bridges and gardens to create an array of accessible public spaces.”

Pertamina Energy Tower Facts:
Project Completion Year: 2020
Site Area:57,512 m2
Project Area:495,000 m2
Number of Stories: 99
Building Height: 530 m

Pertamina Energy Tower generates its own power by SOM (2)

Pertamina Energy Tower generates its own power by SOM (1)


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