Pets are treated as People

According to David Grimm findings in new book Citizen Canine, cats and dogs are treated more like humans than ever before and as a result they are given greater social and legal status.

In countries like the US, 90% of pet-owners consider their animals as members of the family. Grimm says in his book Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship With Cats and Dogs that cats and dogs have achieved a status in Western cultures that is unheard of for any other animal.

Grimm, who also teaches science journalism at John Hopkins University, Maryland, explains “Judges are awarding more emotional distress damages from killing cats and dogs. In the past it used to be $50 (£30), now it’s in the tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a revolution not only in our homes, but in society and law”

Probably, one day pets will be welcomed into restaurants and apartments would not be allowed to have ‘no pet’ policies.

Could this lead to a future where cats and dogs are treated like children? I know we call our pets Ninja (black cat) and Prince Spot (King Charles Spaniel Dog) our boys and they are members of our family…

Pets are treated as People

via dailymail