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The PhytoKinetic Bus is the world’s first green-roofed public bus, now operating in Girona, Spain. The roof significantly lowered temperatures inside the bus by 3.5C.

This new form of plant cover, which makes the best use of the 20 m² roof area of this type of vehicles, has been developed by the firm Phytokinetic, which has been made the vehicle’s presence at the fair possible.

Among the benefits of driving a bus with a plant cover around the city we find not only CO2 absorption, even when the bus is not moving, but also oxygen production and a certain aesthetic value. Moreover, this initiative encourages environmental awareness and can become an interesting tourist attraction.

PhotoKinetic bus 3

Marc Grañen, Creator of The Phytokinetic Concept, said:

“Urban green areas are crucial for photosynthesis, a process in which plants absorb CO2 and release O2 – vital for purifying the air we breathe. The lungs of a city must grow at the same rate as its population, but much-needed green areas are not always available. phyto kinetic, has grown out of this supposition, with the goal of delivering a practical and tangible solution. If finding new urban spaces for gardens is problematic, we can use spaces that already exist, such as the roofs of city public transport.”

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