Pi Day - Octopi

Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Observed on March 14 (or 3/14 in incorrect month/day), since 3, 1, 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form.   Octopi by SnorgTees

In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.

Pi Day - jokes Chattin’: SnorgTees

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Visualizing Pi: Mural with High School Math Students

A mural project that uses mathematics to connect Brooklyn students to their community through a visualization of Pi.

For the last 4 years, artist Ellie Balk and high school mathematics teacher Nathan Affield have been collaborating on data visualization projects with high school students from the Green School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Pi Day - Visualizing Pi

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