Pilot can glance at an aircraft he wants to fire a missile at by using his mind.

This £250,000 headset allows RAF pilots to shoot down planes simply by looking at them.


The ‘Striker’ Integrated Display Helmet marks one of the biggest leaps forward in attack capabilities in military history. All a pilot has to do is glance at an enemy aircraft and then steer a missile towards it with his, or her, mind. Targets pop-up in the pilot’s visor, at which point he can select by voice command and fire. As long as the enemy’s aircraft is in sight – whether that be below, above or to either side – a missile can be directed towards it.


The breakthrough brings to an end the century-old concept of the aerial dogfight, in which one plane must be directly behind another in order to hit it with firepower. The innovative two-part helmet design has been co-developed with aircrew and logistic support engineering participation. It works by using tiny optical sensors in the Striker helmet, which are then picked up by further sensors in the cockpit.

The helmet has been developed by Britain’s BAE Systems and has been subjected to extensive flight trials in RAF Typhoon planes.

via dailymail