What is the goal of the PlanetSolar team? To be the first to circumnavigate the globe in a “solar” boat, i.e. one driven by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine powered exclusively by solar energy.

With this project, the PlanetSolar team has two objectives. Firstly, to show that current technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency are reliable and effective, and secondly to advance scientific research in the field of renewable energy. PlanetSolar has already made technological developments possible in many fields, such as the production of composite materials and structures, and also the production and storage of solar energy (or electricity). Each stage in the project and each day that PlanetSolar sails will enable science to progress.

Conserving our planet by promoting solar energy, energy efficiency and eco-mobility is at the heart of this project. This is a great opportunity to advance our knowledge. Our initiative will also inform the general public and make them aware of the importance of renewable energy.

PlanetSolar’s aims in a nutshell:

    • To demonstrate the potential of renewable energies and photovoltaics
    • To show that we already have the technology required for sustainability
    • To take part in the technological development of renewable energy and advance scientific research
    • To inform the public and make them aware of the importance of renewable energy
    • To make the best possible use of energy efficiency
    • To show that the economy and ecology can and must work together