White Sails Hospital & Spa

The most pleasant hospital in the world, White Sails Hospital & Spa will be built in Tunisia Economic City (TEC).

TEC is a super-ambitious and grandiose project (tunisiaec.com), and will become another link in the chain of the largest international hubs Hong Kong-Singapore-Dubai. The founder and the president Dr. Riadh Toukabri presented the project on September 10th, as well as announced that the budget of €50 billion is already confirmed.

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One of the first buildings to be constructed over there will be the White Sails Hospital and SPA, designed by Vasily Klyukin, which is expected to be realized jointly with a team of Thornton Tomasetti. The company Lalei Al Barakah Est. from Saudi Arabia will become an investor of this project.

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Vasily Klyukin, said: “I was engaged in design and architecture since moving to Monaco 2 years ago. I was looking forward for this moment and finally it’s happening! My very first building to be constructed!”

“I will fly into Space next year. My health condition has to be checked every six months. That is why I know this feeling very well,- every time I’m approaching the white building of the clinic, I don’t feel any joy. But I would like to show you the hospital, where there is no room for fear. And so that my son could ask about this hospital: “Daddy, when will we visit the ship again?””

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source Vasily Klyukin