Portable 50kW wind turbine by Uprise Energy

The Portable 50kW wind turbine by Uprise Energy, is a 50 kW mobile wind turbine power center that can produce off-grid power.

Images credit: Uprise Energy

The system consists of a trailer with the fold-open wind turbine built in, and a truck to pull the whole rig.

According to Uprise Energy, you can achieve an energy cost for as low as 3 cents per kilowatt hour, when operates in strong wind conditions.

Uprise Energy explains:

“For this example, we’ll use a typical scenario for the Uprise Energy 50kW portable wind turbine as the basis for comparison. In an average wind speed of 12mph, the Uprise Energy Portable Power Center (PPC) will produce 12kW of electrical power. When factoring the cost of the machine, along with operation and maintenance expenses over a 20 year lifecycle, an average windspeed of 12mph will equate to an energy cost of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. Stronger wind conditions will reduce energy costs, with potential to be as low as 3 cents per kWhr. Maximum power of the Uprise Energy portable wind generator is 50kW.”

“Through intelligent programming, the machine is constantly monitoring weather patterns and adjusting itself to best capture energy from the wind. The machine rotates 360º to face the wind and adjust blade pitch and speed for optimum capture. When the wind is too strong, the computer automatically parks the rotor and lays the mast down to avoid damage.”

Portable 50kW wind turbine

The Uprise Energy Portable 50kW wind turbine:
-Ships in a standard container and can be towed on any highway, improved or otherwise.

-Intelligent programming monitors the weather and adjusts for optimum energy capture.

-A complete unit can be sold for as low as $240k, and produces power for less than half the cost of domestic utility scale power suppliers.

-When wind power exceeds demand, energy is stored. When wind power is low the machine delivers stored power.

-Can produce hydrogen and/or collect, filter and deliver pure drinking water from ambient air or a fixed water source.

Portable 50kW wind turbine

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