DualWingGenerator is a power generation with the wing-beating principle. Inspired by birds this flapping generator could make modern wind turbines a thing of the past

German company Festo has unveiled DualWingGenerator to generate electricity, an alternative to large wind turbines.

The system’s motion of the wings is similar to that of a bird and the two pairs of opposing wings can generate power from 9 mph wind.

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Reverse principle of the natural beating of wings:

The system’s principle consists of reversing the natural wing-beating principle: birds generate the necessary power to move forwards in the air by flapping their wings. A stationary system like the DualWingGenerator, on the other hand, can take the kinetic energy from the flow of air. The wings’ linear lifting movement is converted here into a rotary movement. An integrated electric motor turns the energy produced into electricity.

Ultimate effectiveness levels at low wind strengths:

The DualWingGenerator is self-optimising and can adapt itself to different wind conditions. In terms of its efficiency, it is by no means inferior to conventional small wind power stations and features amazing benefits even at low wind speeds: in the range between 4 and 8 m/s, the system has a very high, scientifically proven effectiveness level.

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via dvice

source Festo