Powerline Fireball in Montreal

A large electrical fireball, a frightening electrical arc, captured on video by a resident of Lachine, in Montreal.    Take a look at the video…

There’s a profanity in the video.

According to io9:

Redditor SoTupps, an electrical line technician in training, explained:

The “fireball” is definitely an electrical arc probably formed by a fault current in the line i.e. a lightning strike in combo with faulty protective devices. Fault’s current traveled up-stream (opposite of the usual flow of electricity) until they can be stopped by a protective device (which usually opens the circuit and allows the fault to clear). In this case I believe it was a fuse cutout/lightning arrester combo that finally snuffed out the arc. These are usually installed to protect transformers from dangerous faults such as these. Had that fault reached the transformer…. BOOM! An explosion would be likely.