BMW Lighting

With the new BMW Laserlights that are now making their debut in a production model, BMW is taking the development of cutting-edge lighting technologies into a whole new era.

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The distinctive twin circular headlights combine with the characteristic kidney grille to form a classic trademark feature of all vehicles from the BMW core brand. At night, four glowing corona rings give the front of the vehicle its four-eyed face, while BMW vehicles can be recognised from behind by a further characteristic trait in the form of the rear light clusters’ eye-catching L-shape. Just like the corona rings at the front, the rear light design shapes the night-time appearance of every BMW core brand model to unmistakable effect.

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BMW Laserlights will be celebrating their world premiere as of autumn 2014. This highly efficient light source is arriving on our roads in a production car for the first time to provide the high beam in the BMW i8 headlight. Boasting an extremely long, unmatched range, the BMW Laserlights system completely redefines standards for safety, efficiency and design.

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