Quantum Propulsion System

Aisha Mustafa, a 19-year-old Egyptian physics student, invented a new type of propulsion system for spacecraft.  The new method uses quantum physics instead of thrusters.

Her idea, a scientific mix between quantum physics and space technology, is that there’s no such thing as a vacuum in the universe. Instead the empty space is filled with a roiling sea of particles and anti-particles that pop into existence.

Egyptian Student Aisha Mustafa

Mustafa’s invention powers space vehicles by benefiting from the electric energy formed by Casimir-polder force, which occurs between separate surfaces and objects in a vacuum, by using panels for generating electricity.

Mustafa added that her invention (patented last February in the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology – ASRT), is related to a hypothetical concept of a jet propulsion called “Differential Sail”, theoretically created by NASA’s retired professor Marc G. Millis.

Illustration of the dynamical Casimir Effect:

via OnIslam.net