Amanda Levete Architects Pylon design

The six shortlisted entries in the RIBA competition to design new electricity pylons for the UK have been announced. Amanda Levete Architects and Arup propose a bow-like pylon (above)

Ian Ritchie Architects collaborated with Jane Wernick Associates to design an Ian Ritchie Architects:

Ian Ritchie Architects Ian Ritchie Architects

Gustafson Porter have designed a structure with curving branches:

Gustafson Porter curving branches Pylon

Knight Architects stripped away all unnecessary and oversized components for the design of their Y-shaped structure:

Knight Architects Y-shaped Pylon

Bystrup propose a T-shaped pylon with triangular conductors:

Bystrup triangular conductors pylon

Newtown Studio and Structure Workshop’s proposal is a round lattice with a frame that thins towards the top:

Newtown Studio round lattice pylon