Quadski amphibious ATV

The Quadski amphibious ATV one-person all-terrain vehicle, designed to convert between a four-wheeler and a Jet Ski at the press of a button, can hit 45 mph on land and water.

The Quadski maintains the land speed of 45 mph (72 km/h) in water, thus being the fastest amphibian vehicle.

It uses a 175-horsepower BMW motorcycle engine with an automatic transmission on land and a jet system in the water.

Quadski amphibious ATV

Alan Gibbs, the creator of the Quadski amphibious and founder of Gibbs Technologies, has invested about $200 million developing amphibious vehicles.

He said: “People have been trying to make a high-speed amphibious vehicle for 100 years, but nobody could do it.”

The price of Quadski may be around $ 40,000 (€ 30,860).

via slashgear,  youtube