Raas Jodhpur

A luxury boutique hotel in the old city of Jodhpur, which features 17th and 18th century period structures that have been restored using traditional crafts and materials, to provide visitors with a sensual contemporary experience. Photographer Andre J Fanthome.

‘Raas Jodhpur’ by Lotus Praxis initiative, New Delhi, India overview of restored site and new Hotel block.

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39 rooms have been created, spread over 3 contemporary buildings, (using the same materials and skills as the traditional buildings) inserted into the site in a manner that they frame the visual and spatial relationship among the old buildings and the Fort, creating a dialogue between the old and the new.

The story of Raas is created using ordinary, locally available materials. These simple materials were then worked on by a team of craftsmen to hone and transform into something extraordinary. This transformation is what imbibes a sense luxury to the hotel.

Raas Jodhpur

Inspired by the age old double skinned structures of the region, (the traditional stone latticed jharokha forms of Rajasthani architecture – which perform multiple functions of passive cooling and offering privacy to the user) these buildings act as lanterns framing the site.

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The drama of the stone jaali (lattice) is heightened by the fact that these panels can be folded away by each user to reveal uninterrupted views of the fort, or can be closed for privacy and to keep the harsh Jodhpur sun out.

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