Rainbow over the Rip

The photo above shows a rainbow that seems to have it all; vibrant colors, primary and secondary bows, supernumerary bows, and even faint anticrepuscular rays.    Image credit: Phil Thomson; Phil’s Web site     Used with permission.

It was taken on July 29, 2012, after a mid-morning rain shower swept across the waters of The Rip at Queenscliff (Port Phillip Heads) on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. This is the winter season down-under, so the Sun is fairly low in the sky at mid-morning. Once the showers passed by, a high arching bow soon took shape. Rain showers having the biggest drops produce the richest colors.

It’s evident that clouds were both opposite the Sun, as they must be for a rainbow to appear, and in the immediate vicinity of the Sun, as they must be to give rise to anticrepuscular rays.    Summary Authors: Phil Thomson; Jim Foster

Rainbow over The Rip- world map

source EPOD