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Polar explorers Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere reached the southernmost point on our planet, the South Pole in Antarctica on foot.

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After reaching the North Pole, using high-tech gear for the expedition, the dedicated pedestrians have started the long walk back to the coast. Polar explorer Ben Saunders is endurance athlete and motivational speaker. This was a truly hardcore testing of the human body under extreme endurance conditions.

The total journey is approximately the same distance as from Paris to Moscow, or from the surface of the earth to its core.

“Track Ben and Tarka’s progress in Antarctica from wherever you are in the world online. They are carrying an always-on tracking beacon which sends their hourly coordinates back via satellite and uploads them automatically to our online tracking map.”

To find out where Ben and Tarka are right now visit Scott Expedition – Live Tracking.

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