Cyberattacks interactive map

An impressive Interactive map showing In real time the Cyberattacks in our planet, created by Kaspersky Lab.   Take a look at the interactive map…

Go to the interactive map.

According to Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications at Kaspersky Lab:

Every day Kaspersky Lab handles more than 300,000 malicious objects. Three years ago the figure was just 70,000 but antivirus technologies have also changed with the times and we have no problem coping with this huge stream of traffic. Where do the attacks come from? Where do users click on malicious links most often? Which types of malware are the most prevalent? These are the sort of questions being asked by lots of users. Our new map of the cyberworld threat landscape allows everyone to see the scale of cyber activity in real time and to get a taste of what it feels like to be one of our experts.

via io9
source Kaspersky Lab