Reality Show the first human colony on Mars

Mars One, an independent space company, is preparing to put people on the Red planet to live permanently, with first human colony to land on Mars by 2023 and to add a new crew of 4 every two years. By 2033, Mars will have 20 inhabitants.

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The training program and the expedition, will be filmed for a show similar to a reality show.

The company today is supported by Nobel prize-winning physicist Gerard Hooft and by co-creator of Big Brother Paul Romer.

Mars One has been in talks with independent space suppliers such as Space Exploration Technologies, ILC Dover, MDA Corporation, Surrey Satellite Technology, Thales Alenia Space and more.

“We see this as a journey that belongs to us all, and it is for this reason that we will make every step one that we take together,” says the company.

“This will also be our way to finance the mission: the mission to Mars will be the biggest media event ever! The entire world will be able to watch and help with decisions as the teams of settlers are selected, follow their extensive training and preparation for the mission and of course observe their settling on Mars once arrived.

The emigrated astronauts will share their experiences with us as they build their new home, conduct experiments and explore Mars.”

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“Mars One is an extraordinarily daring initiative by people with vision and imagination. This project seems to me to be the only way to fulfill dreams of mankind’s expansion into space.”Nobel prize winner professor dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft

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