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Recon‘s got a new HUD (head-up display) for fans of snow. Snow2’s modular design enables it to be integrated into goggles created by many of the world’s leading brands.

The Recon Snow2 HUD, depending on the goggle brand, can either be purchased pre-installed or separate from the goggles.

All of your key information is easily accessible at just a glance. Five top level screens give access to real-time stats, navigation, buddy tracking, smartphone connectivity, apps and music player control.

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Snow2 features:

Speed is accurately calculated by GPS and barometric pressure data
Jump analytics show airtime either in the park, or backcountry kickers
Track your vertical feet by run, by day and over the course of the season
The onboard altimeter tracks your altitude to within 1 meter
Find your way around new resorts and easily track down points of interest
Never lose track of friends or family on the slopes again
View calls and read text messages immediately, as you receive them
Be in full control of your favourite tunes as you ski or board

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The Bluetooth Low Energy remote allows you to easily navigate through the display of the HUD.

Housed in a waterproof casing, the oversized buttons on the remote make the HUD easy to use, even with gloves on.

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