Renault 4Renault 4 is the third bestselling model in automobile history (it sits behind the volkswagen beetle and ford model T to take that honour).
It is also the bestselling French car across the world with sales in excess of eight million units in more than 100 countries.

Renault 4

The renault 4 has become a style icon.
Invented in 1956 by Pierre Dreyfus, who wanted to produce a versatile, inexpensive car with a worldwide calling which could match the changes in society that were being observed as the 1960s approached.
He launched the notion of a ‘blue jeans’ car.

During the long period when it was available for sale, the renault 4  was made in several different versions, including a van, a four-wheel
drive vehicle and a cabriolet. Other variants, such as the rodeo, and a long list of limited editions were also released, the best known of
which in france were: the parisienne (1963), the safari (1975), the jogging (1981) and the sixties (1985).

Renault 4

At the end of the fifties, cars underwent profound changes and at renault, the 4CV is showing its age and the rear engine does not facilitate
its use as a utility vehicle. Both presented in july 1961, the Renault 3 and 4 are complemented by a luxury version with six side windows,
whose name, 4L, will be adopted by the public for the entire range. It is the first car from the company with front-wheel drive (following
the estafette utility vehicle), it has a flat floor pan and a hatchback.

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